Harris `Octet` Clock

Another variant based on one of the Philip Harris decade resistor boxes from the 1940`s - surely one the most elegant of these devices. This one has eight Nixie tubes! - six IN-14 tubes with the 18mm high digits and two seperator colons provided by switchable flashing In-19 symbol tubes which have the  same properties but display either dB, <,>,A/B, ~,+,- , or Mu. There are also a pair of conventional neons. Powered by a PV Electronics QTC clock kit which changes the underlighting and lumitron tube colours hourly etc. and provides many programmable features. Also a flickering `Frankenstein` tube at each end, intensity controlled by the left hand dial. The front panel has been set away from the main wooden case using a transparent acrylic spacer, allowing the internal LED`s to cast a glow under and around the clock. Quite a headache to fit all the electronics in - but worth it I think for the unusual display.