`Spitfire 303` Clock

Inspired by the grouping of gun flashes on a WW2 Spitfire, this clock has an arrangement of four flickering `cannons` along the front edge. The original front panel of the reistance box has been replaced with a perspex version, allowing the intricate dial mechanism to become visible, which was originally hidden by a steel front panel. Something of the `Gatling gun` about this! Front panel and upper light tube are infra red controlled for colour changes and effects. Valve on the left is colour changing and the row of flickering lights can be varied in intensity. Clock is a straightforward unit which is very easy to program.
Features are:
Choice of 7 colours (or none) for the underlighting, with optional random change each day.
12/24 hour time display
Variable tube number rotation every 1-9 minutes
automatic sleep option (22.00- 07.00)
battery backup when turned off keeps time and settings