Solartron Digital Voltmeter

A tidy and functional clock made from a 1960`s digital voltmeter with nice British tubes which are very clear. I moved the symbol tube to the centre to use as a flashing seconds indicator. Seconds readout is by small IN-2 tubes on the right. Built using a PV Electronics remote tube kit. Big rotary switch above the seconds changes the central symbol between several different options : V,A,+,-,%, sine wave and omega - great fun! Lighting in the back of the case throws a nice coloured array on the wall behind in red, blue or green. I also added a large blue flashing LED controlled by the `Resolve` switch- not sure what its resolving but looks good! Tube lights are remote controlled with a myriad of options incuding 7 colour cycling etc. Quite a lot of work in this one -you can see most of the original case has been discarded along with about 10kg of redundant electronics which you could probably fit in a matchbox nowadays. An interesting consequence is that the handle can be fitted above or below so you could ceiling or wall mount the clock.