The `Mentalpiece` Clock

Philip Harris Lab Resistance Box

Based on an old Philip Harris decade resistance box, this clock has some interesting functions controlled by the original controls in addition to its own remote controlled lighting. The clock uses Russian IN-16 Nixies, an elegant slender design and has blue underlit tubes. The front panel has been set away from the main wooden case using a transparent acrylic spacer, allowing the internal LED`s to cast a glow under and around the clock. These and the top light bar are controlled by a remote, which provides many colour effects both static and dynamic, 7 colour cycling, fading etc. LED`s in the resistor tubes either end provide a blue and/or flickering amber effect, adjusted and dimmed by the original dials on the front. These also switch on or dim the row of old radio valves at the back which are lit from underneath - these can be changed at will for other valves which fit the sockets! Clock settings and alarm are controlled by the row of push buttons on the front panel which also has a red alarm indicator LED. As the name suggests this clock looks great on a mantlepiece - especially if fronting a mirror! The video shows all the lighting effects on at once - though these can be switched on or off individually to create the desired effect.    


********Video of clock here********

Clock internals are PV Electronics `Sixnix` design