`Metropolis` Clock

A unique steampunk style nixie clock based on an unusual square decade resistance box, which is in great condition. This clock has some interesting functions controlled by the original controls giving some nice display options. Those big vertical dials remind me of the huge clock in Fritz Lang`s `Metropolis`, an early 20th century surrealist film. The clock is a straightforward unit which displays the time and rotates the numbers in unison at any period between 1-9 minutes -  which is a nice effect.Several colour options for the tube lighting are controlled by a push button, including one which changes the colour daily. An easy clock to set up without a complicated programming routine.The clock uses easily available Russian IN-14 Nixies, an elegant slender design with the quirky `5`digit which is an inverted `2`, and has underlit tubes which can be any one of 7 colours or off. There is also an automatic option to turn the clock off between 10pm and 7 am. The left lower dial controls the blue flicker effect on the vertical tubes and the right hand dial controls the  led`s in the base which cast a constantly changing pool of light under the clock. The top bubble tube and vertical light bars are controlled by a remote control which gives a large range of colours and 7 colour fading, flashing effects. brightness etc.  Clock settings are controlled by a row of 3 push buttons on the front panel. Front panel is remotely wired which means it can easily be moved and placed to the side for maintenance if ever necessary giving access to internals. Runs off standard 12vdc 500ma wall adaptor. Has a very handy battery backup system which keeps time even when switched off for long periods.

Seven colours for tube lighting- or off. Option to change every 24hrs
Scrolling display every 1-9 minutes
Static colon seperators
underlighting and flicker tubes controlled by front dials.
options to turn off between 10pm and 7 am.
12 or 24 hr display option
Remote control of main lighting bars