Strangelove Mk2 Plasma Clock

Latest version of the `Strangelove`incorporating the QTC+ unit from PV electronics with excellent hourly changing tube lighting effects and animated colon effects.This clock has a real air of 1950`s cold war crazyness about it! Based on an old Taylor signal generator I have added some glowing and flickering `rack handles`on the front below the original illuminated dial. Behind the clock is a pair of huge colour changing illuminated valves.  These and the underlighting are controlled by a seperate remote which has lots of colour options and effects -lighting possibilities are almost endless on this clock. Each side sports a plasma sphere which adds a real dramatic effect. A strange `nuclear` glow emanates from below.  Nixie tubes are later period Russian IN-8-2 which have the conventional `5` digit.  Looks good in daylight with its interesting valve array - absolutely spectacular in the dark! Built to commision so already SOLD!