H.Tinsley & Sons Resistance Box  

A unique steampunk style nixie clock based on a repurposed vintage Tinsley resistance box, and based on the excellent PV Electronics QTC Kit which has sophisticated electronics and lighting effects programmable for every hour etc. Also the tubes are mounted on quick change modules so you can replace them much more easily than soldered types - or even change the whole set for a different tube. I have this clock running on IN-14`s because I like the quirky `upside down` figure 5! Clock internals are mounted on a smoked perspex insert which looks dark in daylight but glows nicely in the dark. An additional remote lighting controller controls the colour and intensity of the upper illuminated lumitron tubes ( bubble resin and wire coil) and led`s in the base which give the glow underneath. Lots of effects with colour fading etc. The valve on the left is lit with a blue glow and the tube on the right with green, they also contain flickering yellow led`s for that `Frankenstein` effect! These effects are switched and dimmed by the large resistor knobs on the front which have been adapted. Runs off standard 12vdc 500ma wall adaptor. 22 (L) x 13 (w)x 18 cms (H).Here`s a video of this unique clock in action.  SOLD

********Video of clock here********