`Mentalpiece QTC Clock`

A unique steampunk style nixie `Mentalpiece` clock based on a vintage Philip Harris decade resistance box, this clock has some interesting functions controlled by the original controls in addition to its own remote controlled lighting. The clock uses the latest version of the excellent PV Electronics QTC clock - the QTC+. Tubes are mounted on removable `tube cells` which makes replacement much easier than soldered in tubes -you can even fit a set of different tubes if desired. The most important IC`s are socketed making for easy maintenance. Other new features are double colons with lots of different effects, and the provision for linking to external wireless and temperature sensors (not included). Tube lighting colour and intensity is programmable for every hour, including fading effects. Full specs on PV Electronics website. Above the tubes is a `bubble` tube (static bubbles cast in acrylic) which is lit from each end and looks amazing. In the base is a row of led`s which cast a pool of light under the clock. The colour and intensity of these and the upper illuminated bubble tube is controlled by a remote, which provides many colour effects both static and dynamic, 7 colour cycling, fading etc.On the right hand end is a colour cycling radio valve and a flickering `lumitron` tube, both adjusted and dimmed by the original dials on the front. Clock internals are mounted on a perspex insert which looks dark in daylight but glows nicely in the dark. Clock settings are controlled by the row of push buttons on the front panel. A very comprehensive clock with infinitely variable lighting effects.

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