Muirhead `Valvo` Clock

A unique steampunk style nixie `Mentalpiece` clock based on a vintage Muirhead decade resistance box, this clock has some interesting functions controlled by the original controls giving some nice display options. The clock is a straightforward unit which displays the time and rotates the numbers in unison each minute - which is a nice effect. Several colour options for the tube lighting are controlled by a push button. An easy clock to set up without a complicated programming routine.The clock uses easily available Russian IN-14 Nixies, an elegant slender design with the quirky `5`digit which is an inverted `2`, and has underlit tubes which can be any one of 7 colours or off. Behind the tubes is a row of old radio valves, the two on the far left are switchable red,blue, or green and are controlled by the left dial on the front. The next two and the lumitron tube are controlled for brightness by the centre dial. The right hand dial controls the large colour changing tube on the right and the row of led`s in the base which cast a changing pool of light under the clock. The large illuminated switch on the left controls a flickering effect in the horizontal rear tube. Clock internals are mounted on a perspex insert which looks dark in daylight but glows nicely in the dark. Clock settings are controlled by a row of push buttons on the rear panel. Front panel is remotely wired which means it can easily be moved and placed to the side for maintenance if ever necessary giving access to internals.Has a very handy battery backup system - can be used with a plug -in timeswitch to switch off overnight if desired. SOLD MARCH 2019

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